Torez Mitchell

Creative Director
With an overall passion for creation, Torez Mitchell has been at the heart of it all, a content creator. Since his enrollment in the illustrious Morgan State University, he began his career of creating, branching out his horizons to videography, cinematography, editing, and motion graphics. As an owner of an animation company, Blindman Animations, he is a huge advocate of lifelong learning and is constantly sharpening his saw, mastering his craft and exploring new ways to create, captivate and cultivate. Since starting with New Lens in 2017, Torez has facilitated skill training, produced profound media and edited amazing stories to give the next generation a chance to explore their creativity and push the bonds of their abilities and their imagination. As Creative Director, Torez is a principle media artist at New Lens, leads artistic and technical operations and shares leadership for organizational vision-setting and development.

Eddie Musa

Communications Director
Eddie is a visionary creative entrepreneur. He has worked with New Lens extensively since 2018 both behind and in front of the camera, including developing youth budding filmmakers. Eddie’s passion is creating innovative and groundbreaking content. Since graduating from Morgan State’s University’s School of Global Journalism and Communications in 2015, Musa also serves as CEO at MusaMajic TV, a creative agency. As Communications Director, Eddie is a principle media artist at New Lens, leads community engagement and shares leadership for organizational vision-setting and development. Eddie believes filmmaking has the ability to shape perspectives and grow minds. He sees things differently.

Zoë Reznick Gewanter

Director of Partnerships
Zoë loves creating beautiful ways to help people navigate vital issues. She brings over 20 years of experience in culture-based community development as an artist and educator. Since 2009, she has provided collaborative leadership for all aspects of New Lens’ programs and operations. As Partnerships Director, Zoë serves as a principle media artist, advances and oversees New Lens’ co-creation with partners and shares leadership for organizational vision-setting and development. She received her BA in Psychology from Goucher College, her MA in Community Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art. Zoë has served as a Community Art Collaborative member, serves as Prevention Educator at CHANA and is a Kaiser Permanente Institute for Equitable Leadership Fellow.

Tayjah Brown

Associate Producer
Tayjah is a multi-media creative with a passion for videography and photography. Tayjah has served as a New Lens Summer Program Instructor for youth filmmakers. As an Associate Producer at New Lens, Tayjah provides creative contributions to production efforts. Tayjah is a freelance photographer, videographer and a 2019 graduate of Morgan State University.

Morgan Scott

Production Assistant
More about Morgan coming soon!