New Lens is a social justice studio creating visual art and media to inform, inspire and impact community.

We produce, teach and partner to address issues affecting people’s lives. Our work brings groups and ideas together to help people tap into their own power and generate a shared vision for change.

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We see things differently.

New Lens’ brings a ten-year track record of producing relatable media about real issues, creating space for peer-to-peer education and front-lining youth leadership. We work to shift perspectives, cultivate community and stimulate action.

Through gathering diverse points of view and developing culturally-responsive approaches to our work, how we produce is essential to what we produce and the impact we make.

We envision a Baltimore-based hub where young people and creatives can hone their craft, emerging talent can gain access to meaningful opportunities and partners can source insight and excellent creative content. Through innovative collaborations, we can elevate our community as a whole and create visions for a world where everyone can thrive.

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Postal: 1601 Guilford Ave. 2 South Baltimore, MD 21202

Email: torez@newlens.org